Our Mission

The Team Drea Foundation funds and supports bold, innovative research to find a cure or effective treatment for ALS. We see raising awareness about this devastating disease as an opportunity to inspire people to live bravely, love joyfully, and appreciate the gift of life.

Our Founder

Andrea Lytle Peet was diagnosed with ALS in 2014 at the age of 33, less than a year after completing 5 triathlons, including a 70.3-mile half Ironman.

Remarkably, she has continued to participate in races. Since diagnosis, she has completed 3 triathlons, 4 half marathons, and 3 marathons. Her goal for 2016 is to do 12 races on her recumbent trike, each in honor of someone with ALS who has inspired her.
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Recent Blog Posts

The Best Driver in America

What does this 3-ring binder have to do with a person’s ability to drive? Nothing, I would argue. But that’s the test that the ALS clinic uses to determine whether I need to have an official road test with a certified driving evaluator. The test goes like this: An open 3-ring binder is placed flat...

A Loss for Words – Guest post by Kate Lockhart

This is the final blog in our little Tri-State Trek mini-series. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed 'em. Let me just start by saying I love to talk. I mean that in the least obnoxious way possible. I love to meet new people, strike up a conversation, and listen (truly listen)...

Lessons from the Trek – Part 2

We’re in the middle of my 4 takeaway lessons from the Tri-State Trek. Catch up on Part 1 here. Well, hell. The most emotional part of the Tri-State Trek is on Saturday night. After a picnic dinner at the University of New Haven, everyone gathers for open mic night. Anyone who wants to speak can...

Lessons from the Trek – Part 1

Two weeks ago, DP and I flew up to Connecticut to participate in the Tri-State Trek, an annual bike ride and fundraiser for the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI). It was a powerful weekend filled with more than a few learning experiences – a few of them painful, many of them humbling, all of...

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